Power Of Technology

It is funny that the power of technology can change a moment in time…

When I got the call from Mark Coppin and he asked me to present at the Apple Distinguished Educator Academy in Houston, Texas, I got a big smile on my face. I said “YES”!  “But I would be a huge surprise” Mark said.  This was my dream that I had for a very long time.  I was thinking how freaking amazing that I will present to ADEs.

Finally, I was going to Houston to see everybody and do my presentation, I could NOT do any social media until after my presentation (that was killing me). From the moment I wheeled into the hotel room, I felt like I was a princess. There was everything that I wanted or needed.  It was pretty awesome.  I had to stay in my room for about 19 hours because I was a big surprise to all of Apple Distinguished Educators.  Their thought was because I would have to stay in there for quite a while to hide from everybody, I needed to have space for me and my support worker.

Around 1:45 PM the next day, I wheeled over to where Mark and I would be doing our presentation.  Four people were in this awesome surprise, I got to see them and hang out before I did my practice run.  It was very nice to see them. My practice run went pretty great.  And then I had to go back behind the stage before anybody saw me!  I had to wait, wait, and wait until… (The event had started by now.)

Maxx kicked off the event! It was really amazing to listen to him talk.  (I was thinking how amazing that I am there.)  Maxx introduced Mark, he was amazing, like always.   Mark was doing his presentation, and then he closed (it was his fake closing), but he put up the slide “And There’s One More Thing”.  He followed by saying, “I’m not the keynote speaker, Sady Paulson is”.

I came out behind the stage, people were standing up on their feet and applauding as the tears began.  I love this special moment!   I was doing my presentation about my life, teachers, and technology.   When I was presenting, you were listening to every word that I was saying.  Now and then I would look at Mark, he had a proud look on his face. That means much more than anything else to me, I can’t tell you!

When I was done with presenting, I got a huge surprise from Maxx! He revealed that I was going to be an Apple Distinguished Educator officially, one of the last slides said, ADE Class of 2017 followed by 125 + 1!   It is quite an honor.  I was totally surprised to become an ADE!  (I was thinking HOLY COW, that just happened!)   It was so amazing!

After the event, I had to change my clothes to meet people.  I felt like a huge rockstar in the room! I believe I took 200 pictures with my fellow ADEs, I had very fun time with all of you.  How awesome!  I love you!  Everyone has welcomed me to the community. I loved to hear your amazing and inspiring stories at the Academy.

Wrapping up, I am doing all this for you.  I am thankful for this opportunity to meet you!  Maxx, I am truly lucky that I can call you my friend!  I love you so very much!  I can’t say this enough: “I would not be here without you, Mark. Thank you, Mark for believing in my abilities!”  I love you!

Sady P.

5 thoughts on “Power Of Technology

  1. SADY!!! This is awesome! I’ve followed your story for a while now and actually seeing you present, what a dream come true to me!! I felt that same excitement and awe when you came out on stage. The only thing missing was a box of tissues, as I cried happy and proud tears for your story. Welcome to the ADE Family!!


  2. Sady!! How big of a surprise it was when you came out on that stage! I have been following you since 2011 when Mark shared your story with us in Phoenix, my first year as an ADE. Like others, there were tears in my eyes while you shared your journey. You are an inspiration for anyone with a disability and also for those of us who work with students with disabilities. Thank you for all you do and welcome to the family!!


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