Sady was meeting Tim Cook.

Late Post (Apple)

Hi Everyone,

Sorry guys for being very slow.

Okay, I am sure that everyone saw the Apple videos for accessibility.  And you saw me in these videos.  It was very, very amazing to have this great experience with Apple!  I can’t explain everything that I did when I was shooting and editing these videos in California.  However, I will tell you what happened next for me after the videos came out.

When Tim Cook did his keynote last year in October, he showed my video and announced the new accessibility website.  I got to be in the room with everyone else to watch Tim and his keynote.  It was really awesome and fun.  That experience was the best thing ever in my life and I won’t forget it!

After the keynote, I went to the hands-on (trying new Apple devices), this was sooo sweet and cool!  I was a kid in a candy store!  I loved to see everyone and everything in that room.  I looked at the new MacBook Pro, I really liked it!

As I was rolling around in there with Sarah, I got to meet the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook!  Holy Cow!!!  (I was really freaking out now!)  Meeting Tim Cook is one of my favorite moments of my life!  He was a super nice man.

When I was done in there, and I had a little break from everything.  I got food, and everyone that I know, they were trying to get a hold of me!  They were supporting, exciting, and freaking out for me!   I think I had 20 texts from my friends and family.

After the break, Sarah and I were locked in a room and doing a lot of interviews with different news organizations from the country and the world.  I think we did SIX interviews for the half of this day.   It was a really long day, but good!

When we got done with everything, we went to a small get together with some people who worked on this project/video.  It was very nice to be able to take it easy after our crazy busy day.   I needed that!

Now, this experience has changed my life a lot.  I have fans now, they are following me, and they are supporting me.   I love them so very much.   I am so blessed and thankful for everything that I have.

Thank you, Apple and Tim Cook for this amazing opportunity!   I do really appreciate everything that you have done with technology for everyone!

Thank you, Sarah for everything!   I love you so very much!   You are one of my heroes!

Thanks guys,

Sady P.

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