First off, I love your love and support for me.  I am thankful for all of you, it always gives me chills when I think about it!  I did not have any idea that I would be here when I met Mark Coppin ten years ago.  It seems like yesterday I had no hope for my life.  Well, I was very wrong…

In my life, I had a lot of challenges to deal with, but I came through them without any issues.  At the time when I met Mark, I was going to accept that I won’t have a good job.  I just was going to be a “normal” person who has a disability, and I was going to sit in a day program and watch TV.  (I could not imagine this!)

Fast forward NOW, I have a lot of wonderful people who know me and my story in the world.  It is very amazing how many people have been following me.  I am really enjoying these beautiful, smart, and talented people.  I am so blessed with your love and support.  You always say I am inspirational to you.  No, you are so inspirational to me all the time.

I have a BS in Digital Cinematography, and I am going to finish my MS in Human and social services in February. I needed to take a break from school because I have to figure out my personal situation before I start up again.  I will NOT give up my goal!  Another one of my challenges in my life to overcome, and I have to keep the faith that I can.  I need your support now more than ever.


Sady P.

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