Graduation Day

Hi There,

I want to catch you all up on what I been doing! As most people know that I was finishing my classes at Full Sail University.  I graduated on February 5th, 2016 with my Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography.

I graduated with GPA of 3.63, and I got the Advanced Achievement Award as well. I was very surprised that I got this award because Full Sail gives this award to the student who shows excellent work throughout their degree program. I did put all my heart into this degree, but I never thought that I would get the award.

One thing that I missed my dear friend, Mark Coppin, he got sick, and he could not make it to Florida when I graduated. Without him, I would not be able to say I am a Cinematographer.

I celebrated with my family and friends all day. I got to celebrate with my friends around the world on Zoom and FaceTime at my after party. I am very thankful for technology, it gave me a chance to see my friends. I’m really lucky to have my amazing friends. I had some very important people there and they love me! I had not seen these guys for a long time. Some things in life are pretty cool. I got to see my awesome teachers as well. I really enjoyed my party, and I was very grateful for my gang who are supportive of my life. I had a blast from the early morning to the late night, and everything between. My graduation day was one of the best days ever in my life.

Now, I am just waiting to start my MS in Human and Social Services from Walden University. I can’t wait to start the next part of my journey.

I love these pictures of my graduation day. Enjoy!

Sady P.

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