Closing The Gap

At Closing The Gap (October, 14th to 17th, 2014) ,  I was really lucky to present with these awesome people.  It was a blast, especially when I got Mark C back, it was a great moment.  I will tell you more about that experience.

It was their pre conference when I got there, Mark and Luis P were presenting to people and I was checking in. A guy came up to me and asked if I was Sady. I told him that I was, and he introduced himself to me.  It was very cool to me because I never met him before that moment.

I was waiting for, and watching Mark and Luis get done with their presentation so I could say hi. I was excited to see them and hangout with them. When Sarah H got there, they were done with their presentation. We were talking and laughing a lot. We discussed what our plan was for supper. I went to the hotel to check in and freshen up. After a while, Mark came and got me for supper. We had a good night.

When I was walking around at the conference, I was surprised how small the room was. It was an ok size, but I can remember it seeming bigger and having more people. But, it still was good.

I was thinking I had only two presentations. It turned out I had four! I was not surprised about having to do more. They love me!

Mark, Luis, and I presented together two times, one of which Christopher H. was with us as well. Another time, I presented with Sarah. The last time I presented with David N. and Mark. They were a lot of fun to work with. But, Mark was a brat. Like always.

I was helping Sarah out with her presentation. I was playing Angry Birds on my phone and showing how Switch Control works. I really love how I am able to use my phone like everyone else due to technology. When I was playing my game, Mark sent me a message that said, “You are such a nerd!” It came up on my screen where everyone could see it. It was funny! But, it became a war. People thought it was funny. After the presentation ended he ran away from me. He knew I would get him back. I did.

It was a blast! I was a busy girl, but it was worth it. I really enjoyed being able to see and make new friends. Only it went by so fast.

Sady P.

2 thoughts on “Closing The Gap

  1. It was great to present with you! You are such a testament on how technology can empower and enable people to realize their full potential. Keep reaching, pushing and leading!


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